The studio consists of one control room where the main console is located. The digital console consists of all the latest of new technology surrounded by a wide selection of classic vintage analogue gear. All converters were upgraded in 2011 to the latest AVID models. We can offer you the”warmest” sound ever.

One of our specialties is vocal producing. This is preformed in the control room which is acoustic treated for this purpose. The artist can choose the room lights to any color he/she likes for the room mode. To catch the vocal performances we use a selection of the best microphones available on the market, like the Telefunken ELA M251 or the U47. We also have the new king from Brauner, the VMA.
The fantastic microphones connected to the right vintage gear is making the vocal shine and blend into the mix in a way that plug-ins at this time never can!

A lounge is placed in the studio for comfortable relaxation between takes. It is also placed in a sweet spot for listening to 5.1 or 7.1 surround.

In the studio we have a selection of instruments: Guitar, Synths and Percussions. The Room is acoustic treated for any recording purpose. Due to lack of space we are not able to record a complete band. This can be performed in collaboration using other facilities nearby.

As another specialty, we can offer DJ’s to perform “live” while record in studio. We have the latest gear for DJ’s. These creative recordings can then be processed far more in our powerful Pro Tools rig.

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