Mixing System

AVID ICON D-Command ES 24
AVID Pro Tools HD 3 Accel
AVID 192 (64 in/out)
Digidesign Xmon
Digidesign Midi I/O
Apogee Rosetta AD Converter

Computer system

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2x 2,26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xenon prosessor
Apple Cinema 30″ HD Display
Pro Tools 9
Ableton Live 8
Reason Studio Combo

Software Synths/Instruments

Ivory Grand Pianos, Digidesign Structure / Strike / Ivory /
Velvet / Transfuser, Nexus 2, Vanguard,
Stylus RMX Expanded bundle, Omnisphere,
FXpansion DCAM Synth Squard, EZ Drummer,
Rob Papen Blue/ Subboombass/ Predator/
Albino 3, MOTU Beat Production Machine, Structure,
Access Indigo, Arturia V Collection,
East West Play /EW-Complete composer coll /NI Complete 7….etc.

Software for sound

Waves Mercury TDM, Digidesign Bomb Factory, Digidesign
Eleven, Digidesign X-Form time stretch,  Celemony Melodyne,
Eventide Anthology Bundle II, Audioease Speakerphone,
TC Electronic, LinPlug, Antares, EMI,
Aphex Aural Exciter / Big Bottom Pro….etc.

Monitors and Controllers

Dynaudio AIR 20
Genelec DSP-Series 8040A
Yamaha NS10
Dynaudio Remote


Korg Oasys 88
Roland Fantom G8
Access Virus TI2 Desktop
Fender Stratocaster American Standard
Fender Precision Bass Special
Various percussions

Analog gear

Avid HD Pre
Chandler Pre-amp TG-2
Chandler TG1234 Curve Bender
Chandler TG12413 Zener Limiter
Chandler Passive TG Channel
Manley Variable MU
Manley VoxBox
Neve 1073 DPA Pre-amp
Neve 33609 JD Alt. Master compr
SSL XR626 Compressor
Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
Universal Audio 1176 LN
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio LA-610 MK2
Universal Audio, Teletronix LA-2A

FX processor

TC Electronic System 6000 MKII
Eventide H8000FW
TC Helicon VoiceLive2


Telefunken ELA M 251
Telefunken U 47
Telefunken AK47
Telefunken Ela-M 260
Telefunken M80
Brauner VMA
Neumann U87AI
Neumann M149 Tube
SE 4400a Stereo kit
Shure SM52
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM58 Beta
Shure Drum Mic kit

MIDI Controllers

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
Kawai MM16

Power supplies

3 Furman Powersconditioners PL8EII


2 AKG K-271
2 AKG K-240

Audio recording / players

Alesis HD-24
Pioneer CDJ 2000
Pioneer DJM 2000
Zoom H4n
Zoom R16
Zoom Q8

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